‘Fag Mob’ Zines


We are happy to announce that we will be distroing all the titles made under the name ‘Fag Mob’ a queer graffiti crew whose name is used by a variety of writers, taggers, and  zine-makers. Links to all the zines claimed under this name available here:

‘Everything is Going to Shit Anyways (p.s. Why we Hate You)’-  32 Black and white pages featuring Graffiti and texts from some people involved in the “Fag Mob” Crew. PDF here: Everything Is Going to Shit Anyways

‘Gas Rings’- A mini Zine with two short texts, and a number of photos. PDF Here: Gas Rings 

‘It Only Gets Worse from here- A queer graffiti Zine’- 100 full color pages featuring interviews and pictures from more than 10 Queer and Trans Grafitti Writers from across Europe. Read Version: It Only Gets Worse From Here Imposed version: It Only gets worse from hereimpo

‘Oxytocin- Against Love, Poultry and Future’ is a mini zine claimed as ‘another FM zine’ which features poetry, rants, and hatred of the future,  print and fold into A6 format for reading, or as A4 for the reverse side poster. PDF Here: oxitocyn zine

‘If your Reading This, Then I’m Going to Die’- Claimed by the “Fag Mob- Dead Trannies Division” is a text heavy accounting of Queer and Trans relationships and responses to death, from a nihilist perspective. PDF here: Im going to die

‘Contradiction, Complicity, Exit’- Jointly published under the names ‘Fag Mob and Fight For Nothing’ Productions, This Zine provides a bizarist, and dreamlike journey through ideas of Queer and Insurrectionary Nihilism; via poetry, collage, and prose. PDF here: FAG MOB & Fight For Nothing Productions – Contradiction Complicity Exit