List Of Titles

Here, is kept a running list of all the titles we currently distro in physical and PDF form. New and original titles are posted on the main page, but all available titles will be here with either PDF’s or links to other hosts carrying texts. Many of the titles listed here, were produced or are available from other distros, where this is the case, the first known distro is listed, they are added here mostly to assist viewers in knowing our library for tabling/irl events:


Down & Out Distro Compilations:

[NEW] Let. Me. Die- Pandas, Technology and the End of the World’ PDF HERE: letmedie

‘Bite the Hand that Feeds You” PDF HERE: bitethehandthatfeeds

‘The Mary Nardini Gang, Vengeance, and the Implausibility of Liberal Queerness’ PDF Here: mary nradini

Collected Writings of the Prostitutes War Group PDF HERE: wargroup

‘Left on Left Violence’ Volume I- “Fragments on anonymity amongst anarchists and other unnameables”PDF HERE: Document-1

Bootlegs series: (Bootlegs Is a series of zines produced by D&O whose texts are available in other forms, usually books, journals or webpages, which we turned into zines in order to make them more widely available)- current titles include:

[NEW] ‘The Bullet or The Bullet- Killer Cops Make Cop Killers’ PDF HERE: Bullet

‘The Belly of the World: A Note on Black Women’s Labors’- Saidiya Hartman PDF HERE: Bellyof

A Disgrace Reserved for Prostitutes: Complicity and the Beloved Community PDF HERE: Disgrace

‘Toward a Gender Disobedient and Anti-Colonial Redistribution of Violence’- Written by Jota Mombaça  translation by Daniel Lourenço. PDF HERE:Redistribution violence

‘Manifesto of Nihilist Women’ PDF HERE: nihilist women

L.A Onda- ‘Nice Shit for Everybody’ PDF HERE: niceshit (Original Plaintext Published in Hostis Volume I.

O Globo- ‘There is a Third Thing ‘PDF HERE: third thing (Original Plaintext Published in Hostis Volume I.

Edith Doyle- ‘Some Thoughts on Queer Nihility’ PDF Here: On Queer Nihility (Original Plaintext Published in School Schmool Journal)

Sky Palace- ‘To Be Liberated From Them (Or Through Them)’ PDF Here: skypalace (Original Plaintext Publish in Lies I)


‘Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous’ PDF HERE: uncivilized (Original Zine Published in French ‘incivilisé -e, exotique, dangereux-se’ by Breakdown Editions- Translation by Down&Out Distro)

Texts Produced by other Distro’s:

[New] Maria Lugones- ‘Toward a Decolonial Feminism’ (Breakdown Editions) PDF HERE: toward-a

Black Oak Clique- ‘We Are All Going To Die’ (Heresy DistroPDF HERE: we-are-all-going-to-die

Ninja Bike Slut- ‘Against Gender, Against Society’ (NegateCity) PDF here: againstgendercompleteNONimposed

K, Aarons- ‘ No Selves to Abolish- Afropessimism, Antipolitics, & the End of the World-

Jackie Wang- ‘Against Innocence- Race, Gender, and the Politics of Safety’-

Baeden- ‘Queers Gone Wild’-

‘Blackness’- A Hostis Primer-

‘Dangerous Spaces- Violent Resistance, Self Defense, and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender’- PDF Here: dangerous

‘Gender Anarky- Selected Writings’- PDF here: Gender-Anarky

‘Gay Plants- Issue I: Monsters’-

Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler- ‘Anatomy of an AI’-

Alyson Escalante ‘Gender Nihilism an Anti Manifesto’- https:

Ignorant Research Institute- ‘How to Destroy the World’: htdtw-imposed

Renzo Novatore- ‘I am also a Nihilist’-

Narcissa Black, KCBG, et al ‘I Want to Kill Cops Until I’m Dead’-

‘Pure Negativity’- An extract from Baeden Volume I- PDF here: pure negativity

‘Queer Fire- The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison’-

‘The Parties Over’- PDF here: queerspace

‘I don’t Bash Back, I Shoot First- PDF here: ShootfirstBooklet

‘Another Word for White Ally is Coward’- PDF here: whiteallyimp

‘Who is Oakland- Anti-Oppression Activism, the Politics of Safety, and State Co-optation- PDF here: whoisoaklandsyn

‘Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries- Survival Revolt and Queer Antagonist Struggle’-

‘What is Trans Logistics?’ PDF Here: what-is-trans-logistics-final

“Identity and Power’ (H&N zines) Read Here; identity power Impo Here: identity power booklet