‘It Only Gets Worse From Here’ Now Available as a Book

(Pix from a distro in Berlin who also made patches with a similar design to our recent poster)

Some kids from our favorite graffiti crew just turned one of their zines into a fully bound book!!! 🙂

Copies are available in some Anarchist Libraries, from Distros and other random as fuck places!! Currently there are copies in Berlin, Malmo, London, Ghent, Zurich, Vienna and other cities. Keep an eye out! we’ll be distroing this one IRL in the next weeks. Sorry no post outs 😛


Introducing, ‘Oxytocin- Against Love, Poultry, and Future’ a collage zine taking a jaded look at love and science, pushing once again the no future angle, whilst simultaneously lamenting the eventual antibiotic apocalypse with a sense of casual conversation and detached randomness. This double A4 PDF is made to be printed and either folded into an A6 mini zine, displayed as poster (see page 2).

PDF Here: oxitocyn zine