Journal: Identity is Crisis Vol I updates

Its been a long, and in some places (notably so called United States) Hot summer. and a lot of the crew has been off working on other projects- but we’re happy to announce that we are now in the end stages of producing the ‘Identity is Crisis’ volume I journal. All the texts have been decided and ordered and we are in the process of making final proof reads and translations into french as project will now be released bilingually with the help of another distro project  Breakdown Editions.]

We are also formatting and illustrating the texts and hope to produce the collection in both PDF and Book from. If there are people out there with printing presses/bookbinding capabilities would love to here from yawl….

In the mean time, for German reading visitors, an early draft version of the text “Identity is Crisis’ (the intro text to the Journal of the same name) was published recently in the journal Ramasuri- we have now turned this plaintext into a zine which is uploaded here…..

IDC ger1