Back at it!

After a summer away, tabling at some events and moving around a lot, we’re back together and working on some new content- upcoming original content includes: ‘Let me Die- Pandas, Technology, and the End of the World’ (an esoteric critique of techno-civilization, computers, domestication, and reproductive futurority), ‘Identity is Crisis’ (A new text attempting to tie together anti civilization and insurrectional critiques of identity with materialist understandings of it), and ‘(B)Renzo(s) made me do it’ (A self critical look at drug use and insurrectional  praxis, poetry and stories from drug using/addicted individuals in the milieu), as well as a number of new editions to the ‘bootlegs series‘ and more Greek translations coming soon


‘It Only Gets Worse From Here’ Now Available as a Book

(Pix from a distro in Berlin who also made patches with a similar design to our recent poster)

Some kids from our favorite graffiti crew just turned one of their zines into a fully bound book!!! 🙂

Copies are available in some Anarchist Libraries, from Distros and other random as fuck places!! Currently there are copies in Berlin, Malmo, London, Ghent, Zurich, Vienna and other cities. Keep an eye out! we’ll be distroing this one IRL in the next weeks. Sorry no post outs 😛