New Year- ‘I’m Loving It’

Every new year, we are faced once again with the sense that the impending doom all around us draws closer and closer,  every single day might already be a nightmare, but what we all know deep, deep down; is that it can probably only get worse from here; the forests are burning, the waters rising, the air slowly choking us, the graveyard of debris circling the earths atmosphere (satellites and other useless space junk) grows exponentially, and the avenues of possible freedom are squeezed tighter and tighter, we could hope for the apocalypse, but lets face it we’re already there and it’s not that fucking great.

However, every now again there’s some good news; our personal highlight of 2019 is the knowledge that one french cop committed suicide every four days last year (we hope our poster helped in at least some of the cases)- with this in mind we decided to drop some new posters, to give us all a boost for the new years. With thanks to Ronald himself for the inspiration: