‘Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous’

We’re super pleased to share our first collaboration with Breakdown Editions (a French Language Distro dealing in queer, insurrectional, and anti civilization literature- https://breakdown.noblogs.org).

Originally produced in French ‘Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous: reflections on the ‘beurette’ identity, against humanity – in pursuit of self-abolition’ is a critical reflection on the construction of the identity ‘buerette’- a french slang term referring to woman of Maghrebian and Arab decent and defined in the text thusly:

A French woman whose family originates from Maghreb
(North Africa). The term is ‘verlan'(french back slang) of ‘rebeue’ (slang for Arab).

-An informal word for a whore/ slut:
“ A Friend: ‘This bitch, she wears too much makeup’
Me: ‘Normal, she’s a ‘beurette’. ”

From here, the text moves, to a generalized assault against the forced constructions of racialized and gendered identities, with a view towards identity abolition, anti humanism, and anti civilization perspectives. Charting, a trajectory of colonial and neo colonialism the text attempts to deconstruct to forced categorization of individuals within the walls of civilization and advocates for categorizations abolition.

Quote from the text:

“What I want to draw here, are the lines of a project of hatred, revenge and destruction, of open war against modernity, civilization and the world. [. . . ] There is a thirst for revenge, and it’s this thirst that i propose to use as a weapon. It is neither a thirst that tempers, nor one which accommodates itself to changes, reforms, or apologies. This thirst is not a call to return to the past because it’s already too late. What is done is done”

PDF Here: uncivilized

Original text: Breakdown Editions

Translation: Down&Out Distro and Breakdown Editions