‘Bite the Hand that Feeds You’

The latest text brought out on our edition; ‘Bite the Hand that Feeds You’ is an illegalist and insurrectional assessment of prostitution written by people within the trade. Railing against, work, clients, civilization and society; the text is a brutal and effective punch in the face to liberal and stateist narratives around work and particularly work in the sex industry. Featuring practical tips on how to take revenge, and pictures of armed individuals ready to do so this text brings the fire!!!! Accredited to Caina Rizieri Ferrari of the Cagna Sciolta Gang 2k19.

Quotes from the Text:

“i won’t be able to call myself a survivor until every single trick has been killed. i won’t have no mercy and feel no guilt, but if you really need to tell yourself a story you can think about it this way: killing tricks is mere self defense, we’re fighting for our life.”

“i wasn’t born a woman, i wasn’t born a lesbian and i wasn’t born a whore, i’ve been exiled into a woman, into a lesbian and into a whore and from my exile i have embraced criminality, and from my exile i will annihilate the world that named me, gendered me, raped me, killed my friends.”

PDF HERE: bitethehandthatfeeds


Για την πιο queer εξέγερση που έγινε ποτέ (μτφρ του Toward the queerest insurrection)

Το πρώτο ζην του ντίστρο στα ελληνικά. Η μετάφραση κλάπηκε από του σάιτ του Κενού Δικτύου και έγιναν ορισμένες μετατροπές. Η μετάφραση του Κενού Δικτύου είναι βασισμένη στο κείμενο που έχει ανέβει στο theanarchistlibrary(.)org

“Το queer είναι το αλλόκοτο, το ανώμαλο, το επικίνδυνο. Το queer αναφέρεται στο φύλο και τη σεξουαλικότητα, αλλά όχι μόνο. Είναι πολλά περισσότερα πράγματα. Είναι και οι επιθυμίες μας και το φαντασιακό μας και τόσα μα τόσα άλλα. Το queer είναι η συνοχή όλων όσων αντιπαρατίθενται στον ετεροσεξουαλικό καπιταλιστικό κόσμο. To queer είναι η απόλυτη απόρριψη του καθεστώτος του κανονικού.”

Το pdf εδώ: towardthequeerestinsurrection-gr

‘Towards an Insurrectionary Antifascism’

First Online release of ‘Towards and Insurrectionary Antifasism’- Originally produced by ‘problematic distro’ in physical form, we are happy to share this text from a sibling distro in its first digital version.  The text, is a meandering critique of the current state of anti fascism (with particular reference to the scene in the UK), the historical failings of traditional antifascist analysis and the centricity of purely anti fascist critiques which fail to recognize the inherent facism contained within all states, police forces and institutions of domination, as well as attempting to attack both technology and the fascist outpourings of some anti tech positions such as those held by ITS and their apologists.

Quotes from the text:

“After what now seem like the riotous years following 2008, a low tide seems to have swept over the world, and a familiar pattern is reappearing. Some continue the campaign of attack which those insurrectionary days delivered, while many more become scene politicians, socialists, charity workers and many more still are caught between these alternatives, without the capacity for the former, and without the hopelessness required for the latter varieties of resignation. But ultimately this is due to the fact that the world which seemed to be threatening to burst open ten years ago, even if terribly briefly and partially, is now largely carrying on as normal. This new era of social peace finds itself aided cowardly or abetted ineffectually by the participation of anarchists.”

“I see you behind a mask, eyes shining as always but heading straight for men with tattooed arms flying national flags, in a big metal play-pen, you’re marching alongside the SWP, the RCG etc. The cops we could be running ragged on wild actions now close in on you and your chants grow fainter as theirs grow louder. And you stand there, a look of pained anger, disgust, impotence, as more bodies than you’ve ever seen at one of their marches swirl around huge screens blurting out racist poison. You wish you could storm the stage, cut the mic, tear the whole thing down. But you can’t and you don’t, you stand and watch as it starts to rain. Meanwhile immigration enforcement vans park on main roads again in Peck-ham and Whitechapel; buildings that would have made palatial squats become the rented pads of guardians; fibre-optic cables relay the latest fluctuations in price of the dollar and sterling; the areas around London get turned into construction sites for the latest mega-prison or high speed railway; A.I. and behavioural neuroscience dish out algorithmic and chemical analysis for the surveillance and commodification of our innermost feelings and needs; ATMs spit out money for city workers to spend in cocktail bars; replaced on time by G4S in the morning; boys from the elite universities burn £50 notes in front of homeless people; the police who murdered Rashan Charles and Edson Da Costa just a few months ago roll around London without obstruction; general hopelessness and desperation; often debt or loneliness induced; brings countless people to the deliverance of drugs, suicide and religious fanaticism. Everywhere a gnawing emptiness. There is no darkness; the floodlights and billboards blot out the stars at night.”

PDF HERE (NoBlogs changed the file size limit today so we can only give the Tarball sorry): Towards an Insurrectionary Antifascism.pdf.tar

Collected Writings of the Prostitutes War Group (PWG)

A new Collection Release from D&O. The Collected Writings of the Prostitutes War Group is a series of text collected from a loose Ilegalist network of Prostitutes who wrote a series of texts and participated in a number of extortion’s, robberies, and clandestine activities which were published in the year of 2017.  The text includes the so called ‘Pro-festo’ of the group, one communique and two field action reports. The texts are presented in chronological order (rather than grouped by theme) and all the texts in this zine were taken directly from the PWG website  https://prostituteswargroup.wordpress.com. The front cover pic is taken from a music clip entitled ‘Rolex’ about a gang of women in UK who were drugging men at clubs and stealing expensive items such as Rolex watches, given the content of some of the action reports we found it appropriate.

Quote From The Text:

“We are the whores of the worst nightmare of the shitstem. PWG is an internationalist collective of anarchist revolutionary queer insurrectionist PROSTITUTES: rising up to realise our power, using our pro-fessional ILLEGALIST skills to sabotage our ideological enemies. We will disarm and ultimately destroy those who perpetuate the Social War against us – WAR that is inherent in the fascistic capitalistic Shitstems imposed on us. They try to render us powerless conformists, through their sick perversions of ‘Judeo- Xtian Morality’, ‘Law & Order’, and ‘Justice’ –that only serve to emotionally, spiritually and physically RAPE us.”

PDF HERE: wargroup

‘A Disgrace Reserved for Prostitutes: Complicity & the Beloved Community’

A new zine in the ‘Bootlegs’ Collection, taken from the Lies Journal and written by Pluma Sumaq; this text offers deep reflections on prostitution and the sex industry and there intersections with race, class and gender identity; whilst attempting to bring forward critical engagements and critiques around Prostitution/Sex Work and the Sex Industry- and attempting to counter narratives brought from Liberal and White Feminist trajectories.

Quotes from the Text:

“Personally, I could never bring myself to buy into the rhetoric of empowerment through normalization that the mostly white middle-class sex worker rights movement was selling. To create a language around and an image of a “Sex Worker” that is normalized and free of stigma did not seem very revolutionary to me. To me it said, “accept us because we are just like you.” Well, what if we’re not like you? What then will you do to us? The campaign to push forward the picture of the fully autonomous and sovereign woman in prostitution contributes to the polarization of ‘The Prostitute’ into two cartoon figures —one of total empowerment and one of total degradation.”

“We have been taught to believe in a world that is good and bad, up and down, righteous and evil, and this serves us. It validates us when we are called to separate our vulnerability, and therefore our intimacy, from our work. It informs our logic that there is never any choice or agency in poverty, in being oppressed, in prostitution. We are manipulated into ignoring broken systems and are instead coerced into seeing broken people who will only choose survival if they are desperate enough, as if survival were some extreme option. But no one can say “prostitution has nothing to do with me.” It exists precisely because of the economic and misogynistic system we participate in every day.”

PDF HERE: Disgrace

‘It Only Gets Worse From Here’ Now Available as a Book

(Pix from a distro in Berlin who also made patches with a similar design to our recent poster)

Some kids from our favorite graffiti crew just turned one of their zines into a fully bound book!!! 🙂

Copies are available in some Anarchist Libraries, from Distros and other random as fuck places!! Currently there are copies in Berlin, Malmo, London, Ghent, Zurich, Vienna and other cities. Keep an eye out! we’ll be distroing this one IRL in the next weeks. Sorry no post outs 😛

Manifesto of Nihilist Women

New Release- Manifesto of Nihilist Women- is taken from the Anarchist Library. Originally translated from french by Micheal Shreve this very short text comes out of the French Illegalist tendency in the late 1800’s and is a call to arms for all women to begin engaging in precise acts of violence and sabotage against those in positions of dominance.

Quote from the text:

“Let men have their fun blabbering on and on about the Revolution—They’re free to do it! The nihilist women are tired of all this procrastination and are determined to act.”

PDF Here: nihilist women

Towards a Gender Disobedient and Anti-Colonial Redistribution of Violence

We announce the zineification of another new text in our Bootlegs series. Originally written in Portuguese by Jota Mombaça and translated into English by Daniel Lourenço ‘Toward a Gender Disobedient and Anti-Colonial Redistribution of Violence’  is a deep accounting of domination and the imposition of colonialism, both within the context of Brazil and globally. Attempting to understand the nature of the enemy, and later laying out a basis for attacking structural violence’s, ‘Toward a Gender Disobedient and Anti-Colonial Redistribution of Violence’ takes the reader from a position of quivering disdain for the brutality of this world into a position where one might be able to imagine destroying it.

Quotes from the text:

Yes, we are potentially frail, but that should not be
understood as an inability or ineptitude for self-defense. To learn how defend oneself requires the articulation of other ways of understanding one’s own frailty. There are strategies, techniques and tools which only a corporeality
and a subjectivity able to inhabit frailty may come to develop. Self-defense isn’t just about striking back, but also about understanding your own limits and developing exit strategies, so as to flee when necessary. It is also about learning to read the choreographies of violence and studying ways of intervening upon them. It is about painting through fear and dealing with indisputable condition of not having peace as an option.

There is no solution. The redistribution of violence is not
able to stop the deadly machine made up of police forces, toxic masculinities and all the fictions of power. It is but one of the many ways to deal with the problem without neutralizing it. The redistribution of violence is not capable of avenging deaths, redeeming suffering, turning the game around and changing the world. There is no salvation. This here is a barricade! Not a bible.

PDF HERE: Redistribution violence


Photo from a recent tabling at an anti prison event in UK, we’ll be on the move a bit this summer keep and eye out for where we might be & invite us to things- we like traveling.