‘The Mary Nardini Gang, Vengeance, and the Implausibility of Liberal Queerness’

After a really long time of wanting to produce a collection about the Mary Nardini Gang, and several months work of collation, editing, and call-outs for contributions we are excited to announce our latest title ‘The Mary Nardini Gang, Vengeance, and the Implausibility of Liberal Queerness’. The collection features all the writings claimed by or attributed to the gang, as well as the critiques offered in Hostis I  ‘A journal of Incivility’ of the Bash Back! trajectory and the conversations between the Mary Nardini Gang and the editors of Hostis in volume II of the journal. To bring the gangs actions and outputs into the European context, and to offer the idea of shared connection in queer insurectional praxis we also present a ‘forward’ from our own contexts and a brief summary of each of the texts contained in attempt to familiarize readers from outside so called North America with the emergent trends of insurrectional trans-feminism and queer nihilism  in these contexts. We also include, a short pictorial insight into Queer and Trans Feminist Insurrectional practices in Europe with photos collected from anonymous contributors across the continent.

Quotes from the Text:

“We are fucking sick of being forced to make a choice between riotous anarchist and insurgent scenes which fail to look at there own defense of the existent (through supporting rapists, transphobes, and racists- all of which they claim as mere identitarian concerns) and Liberal Queer ones where ‘anti oppression’ ends at personal behaviors and not with shooting police.”

“This world—the police and armies that defend it, the institutions that constitute it, the architecture that gives it shape, the subjectivities that populate it, the apparatuses that administer its function, the schools that inscribe its ideology, the activism that franticly responds to its crises, the arteries of its circulation and flows, the commodities that define life within it, the communication networks that proliferate it, the information technology that surveils and records it—must be annihilated in every instance, all at once.”

“In the end , we are not worried about queer vengeance being reactionary. We think that blackmail is an underappreciated art. Perhaps queer vengeance is often not reactionary enough – lacking the strength to defeat our enemies, not deep enough to rid ourselves of their systems of oppression, and without the persistence to destroy the world that they’ve created.”

PDF HERE: mary nradini

‘I Want to Kill Cops Until Dead’



We’re hyped to share (and to add to our distro) a new text sent to us from ‘Narcissa, KCBG et al’ (https://fckcps.blackblogs.org/) entitled ‘I Want to Kill Cops Until I’m Dead’. The text offers “an insurrectionist critique of policing, humanism, gender, and civilization” attempting to identify the many and intertwined ways in which policing and its logic enters our lives in both the material and psychic realms and develop strategies for their desolation.

Quotes From the Text:

“We understand that for many people (even among self proclaimed anarchist milieus) the word police refers generally to the state apparatchik standing between us and the proliferation of our destructive desire; the ‘thin blue line’ which prevents the breakdown of society, the stick in the carrot and stick motif. Through this discourse we conjure up the image of the cop as a blue uniformed target, carrying a gun, handcuffs, and radio, driving a squad car, and kidnapping our friends. Whist none of these analyses are necessarily incorrect we feel that they miss the bigger picture, ‘policing’ permeates the logic of every social relation, and frames our movement through this world. ‘Police’ is not a job title but rather a description of a series of social relations and actions, police is an act, a living breathing methodology, and a medium of communication. Police is something people do, are doing, have done, not something they are.”

“Destroying police will no just take mass murder, it will take a great undoing, a collaborative revenge aimed at those who have perpetuated the nightmare of police officering. It will mean showing up at the doors of dawdling grandpas with parade uniforms pinned up on their walls and letting off a 9mm in their face.”

“Towards the annihilation of police and the destitution of humanity.”

PDF Here: I Want To Kill Cops Until I’m Dead

‘Identity and Power’

We’re hyped to share (and to add to our distro) a new text sent to us from ‘Here and Now Zines’ (https://www.instagram.com/hereandnowzines/?hl=en) entitled ‘Identity and Power’. The text offers general critique of the structures and oppression’s which shape the creation of identity and demands a route through identity towards its abolition. It also takes time to dismantle and critique liberal elements which valorize, champion or attempt to find positive perspective within identity and attacks narratives and practices which stem from these positions

Quotes From the Text:

“We are against identity because we think it holds this oppressive reality together. Our identities as marginalized people are our inheritances that separate us as inferior. For centuries, distinctions of inferiority have been used as the building blocks for exploitation and control. Identity is the infrastructure of our suffering and would need to be shattered if we wish to see oppression demolished. Presently, identity pits us against each other instead of against the system’s infrastructures. Scrambling to tally distinctions of how oppressed we are in comparison to others and what we deserve to be compensated doesn’t end our exploitation and only keeps us distracted from making the necessary calculations to sabotage the infrastructure holding domination in place.”

“Dying of oppression is our tragic reality. The suicides, work accidents, deaths on the block, murderous boyfriends, medical neglect, deaths in prison, ODs, bombings, and police murders are manmade plagues among us. This society has no problem letting us die and no problem killing us. For some of us, survival is Impossible, for others death looms so closely, we are constantly facing the overwhelming task of survival. Enveloped within this looming death, it is understandable to lose sight of anything outside of not dying. Survival and healing are crucial to our existence, literally. Nonetheless, survival on its own is not getting free, it’s just getting by.”

Read PDF Here:identity power

Imposed PDF Here: identity power booklet

‘Left on Left Violence (LOLv) Volume I’

We announce the release of Volume I of ‘Left on Left Violence’ (LOLv)- “Fragments on anonymity amongst anarchists and other unnamables” a slightly satirical edition highlighting and hoping to expand conflictual  discourses within nihilist and insurrectionist practices. In this particular volume, is presented a discussion which raged some years ago across various anarcha/insurrectionist/nihilist platforms (including 325, and actforfreedomnow)  between imprisoned members of the CCF (Conspiracy the Cells of Fire) and ‘anonymous’ contributors around the question of anonymity,  the ‘communique’ form, the existence of names/groups, and other concerns. The dialogue eventually (and somewhat hilariously)  descends from a serious discussion about total anonymity vs claiming actions, into a snipey back and forth, of light disses and insults including references to ancient Greek mythology and whether or not one has a sense of humor. In LOLv, the texts are presented in a roughly chronological order, to show the back and forth nature of the discussion, alongside some reasonably hilarious images of animals squaring off against one another.

Some Quotes from the text:

“The greek comrades write that “The name of each group we participate in is our psyche, our soul”. What a weird statement! What is there of more secret, of more intimate, of more unspeakable, than one’s psyche, one’s soul? Who would want one’s psyche thrown on the front page, or their soul regurgitated by a cathode ray tube? A name is only an identity.”

“[…]He specifically mentions that “When an action is followed by a communique, it is like a joke accompanied by an explanation.” The difference, we say, is that we are not fools to tell jokes. Instead, we chose the barricades of war as our home and fire as our comrade.”

PDF HERE: Document-1

‘Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous’

We’re super pleased to share our first collaboration with Breakdown Editions (a French Language Distro dealing in queer, insurrectional, and anti civilization literature- https://breakdown.noblogs.org).

Originally produced in French ‘Uncivilized, Exotic, Dangerous: reflections on the ‘beurette’ identity, against humanity – in pursuit of self-abolition’ is a critical reflection on the construction of the identity ‘buerette’- a french slang term referring to woman of Maghrebian and Arab decent and defined in the text thusly:

A French woman whose family originates from Maghreb
(North Africa). The term is ‘verlan'(french back slang) of ‘rebeue’ (slang for Arab).

-An informal word for a whore/ slut:
“ A Friend: ‘This bitch, she wears too much makeup’
Me: ‘Normal, she’s a ‘beurette’. ”

From here, the text moves, to a generalized assault against the forced constructions of racialized and gendered identities, with a view towards identity abolition, anti humanism, and anti civilization perspectives. Charting, a trajectory of colonial and neo colonialism the text attempts to deconstruct to forced categorization of individuals within the walls of civilization and advocates for categorizations abolition.

Quote from the text:

“What I want to draw here, are the lines of a project of hatred, revenge and destruction, of open war against modernity, civilization and the world. [. . . ] There is a thirst for revenge, and it’s this thirst that i propose to use as a weapon. It is neither a thirst that tempers, nor one which accommodates itself to changes, reforms, or apologies. This thirst is not a call to return to the past because it’s already too late. What is done is done”

PDF Here: uncivilized

Original text: Breakdown Editions

Translation: Down&Out Distro and Breakdown Editions

‘To Be Liberated From Them’ (Or Through Them)

We announce the release of a new rendering of ‘To Be Liberated From Them’ (Or Through Them) taken from Lies Volume I. The text covers issues of identity based struggle with the end goal of Identity abolition. Borrowing analysis from communization theory, queer Insurrectionalism, and Afro Pessimism with an attempt to develop an all encompassing critique of enforced categorization/identity from the perspective of understanding the necessity to sometimes organize around identity based affinities.  We include a series of pictures from various groups, gangs and formations who formed around shared identity concerns or who adopted practices in this vein.

Quote From The Text:

“Our vision of liberation assumes not equality between genders, sexualities, and races, but the abolition of these identity categories as structural relations that organize human activity and social life. We believe that these identities are the names of real material processes of capitalism — not of something essential or salvageable within us.”

PDF Here: skypalace


Introducing, ‘Oxytocin- Against Love, Poultry, and Future’ a collage zine taking a jaded look at love and science, pushing once again the no future angle, whilst simultaneously lamenting the eventual antibiotic apocalypse with a sense of casual conversation and detached randomness. This double A4 PDF is made to be printed and either folded into an A6 mini zine, displayed as poster (see page 2).

PDF Here: oxitocyn zine

‘On Queer Nihility’

Written in 2013- ‘Some Thoughts on Queer Nihility’ by Edith Doyle- is a short, simple and fairly basic summary of some of the core tenets of Queer Nihilist and Insurrectional theory. Borrowing from trajectories such as Bash Back! and journals such as Baeden, the simple text address questions of ‘safety’, negation, and criminality. The text is rendered here as a black and white mini zine.

PDF Here: On Queer Nihility


‘There is a Third Thing”

Taken from Hostis Volume I ‘There is a Third Thing’ is a brief interview with ‘Marcola’ alleged boss of the Primeiro Comando da Capital about his perspectives on the situation In Brazil, his own situation and the nature of the PCC. In this re-rendered version, we have included a short history of the PCC and its activities in order to give this interview better context, as well as some pictures.

Quotes from the text:

“You are the ones afraid of dying, not me….”

“For you, death is this Christian drama, a heart attack in bed. Death for usis daily bread, thrown over a mass grave.”

“O Globo : What changed in the outskirts?
Marcola : Mangoes. Now we have them.”

PDF here: third thing