What is Trans Logistics?

We are super proud to have the opportunity to distro this text; shared with us by some friends 🙂

What is trans-logistics? is a satirical look at Logistics, Queer and Trans Identity, ‘Radical Milieus’ and the possible connections between these seemingly disparate topics.

Some Quotes from the text:

“For approximately the same time people have been calling themselves trans, logistics trucks with ‘trans’ written on the side, often in amusing combinations and neologisms (made-up words), have been on the

“People who want to resist or live outside of economic capital may find themselves becoming vanguards or pioneers, branching out into new territories for accumulation. Subcultures that value ‘dropping out’ of wages and rent might end up populated by individuals very good at finding ways to get and hold onto capital in non economic forms.

Logistics companies often use the language of social capital and relationship capital in their marketing. Some people who practice relationship anarchy start to sound like miniature corporations, as they balance the books of credit and debit and try to work out if they’re getting enough out of their partners, or calculate whether its advantageous to start out on a new venture. Sometimes contracts are made, and even written out and signed.”

PDF Here: what-is-trans-logistics-final

Nice Shit For Everybody

We are excited to release the first text in our: ‘Bootlegs’ Series (a series composed of texts taken from Books, Journals, and Internet sources and turned into zines by members of our distro collective).

Taken from Hostis Volume I. ‘Nice Shit For Everybody’ by L.A Onda- sets out the clear demand for everything, and dispels the bullshit of Anarchist and Communists alike who tell us that desire for the best commodities is counter revolutionary.

“We hereby reject any form of self-imposed austerity. We posit that we want nice shit for everybody and that is not only feasible but desirable. We will not put forth graphs announcing how much work (or not) will require such a project but will state that such a project is part of our desire for communism. We hereby reject all forms of feigned punk slobbiness, neo-hippie shabby chic, or pajamas in the outdoors. We see the stores of the bourgeois parts of town (& the newly-gentrified ones too) and say that we want that shit and even more.”

PDF HERE: niceshit